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This page contains links to all my publicly available fanfic. Please take note of ratings and warnings associated with each story. Stories that are unlinked haven't been converted to the new site layout yet.

If you'd prefer to read on a site where you can leave feedback, my works are also archived on The Petulant Poetess and Ashwinder. I am also beginning to archive at AO3 and under my usual pen-name. Please note that these are EXTERNAL sites and I have no control over their other content, nor their availability.

If you happen to come across any of my stories on other sites, please let me know. I can be reached via private message on the aforementioned websites. I took my stories off Fictionalley and their affiliated sites, but there are still references to them on FA's message boards.

DISCLAIMER: The characters and places in these stories are the property of their respective copyright holders. No infringement is intended, and I make no profit from this.

NOTE for my HP fanfic: my compliance with Canon stops at the end of GoF due to my extreme dislike of the final three books in the series. I may or may not use elements from those books, but the bulk of my HP fanfic should be considered AU.

If you wish to translate my fanfic into another language, please do so with my blessings. All I ask is that you contact me and send me a link to the completed translation when it's done.

Works in process are subject to unannounced revisions, and the occasional outright deletion. Completed works are occasionally subject to unannounced revisions as well - but rarely.

Completed Works

All Hallows' Eve
Rating: PG-13. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Deadly cold. Warning: Character death, violence.

Rating PG-13: This is the way the world will end.

Capital Punishment
Rating: G. Remus Lupin goes to visit a condemned man in Azkaban and finds rather more than he expected.

Rating: PG-13. On certain nights, when the moon is high, the centaurs dance.

Rating: PG-13. Midnight at the top of the Astronomy Tower. Warning: Character death.

December 24, 1998
Rating: PG. One night changes everything.

Rating: PG-13. Convicted as a Death Eater, Severus Snape is condemned to have his mind and magic ruthlessly torn from him. As restitution for his crimes, he is sold into slavery - and bought by Hermione Granger. Originally an answer to The Hollow Man challenge on WIKTT, but doesn't meet all the criteria. Warning: Non-consensual sex, violence.

Rating: G. Truth is a matter of perspective.

Mirror, rorriM
Rating: G. Severus does not like Albus' latest idea. At all.

One Night in Azkaban
Rating: PG-13. Filch takes a desperate chance to become a true wizard. My answer to the "How Filch Found his Firepower" challenge on TPP.

Rating: PG. Post-war ruminations. Currently a one-shot, but may be expanded at some point.

Rating: G. Someone is unhappy with the direction their life is taking.

Rating: G. A post-war look at a witch's life.

Rating: PG. Ginny is in love with someone her parents will not approve of. Warning: unconvential relationship.

The Room
Rating: G. Severus and Argus have their own agenda.

Rating: PG. Twenty years ago, Severus Snape lost the woman he loved. Now he's learned a spell to bring her back.

The Hunt
Rating: PG. A Hogwarts teacher reflects on an incident in her life and how it made her the person she is today.

The Other End of the Road
Rating: PG. Severus finds love for a little while.

They're Hanging Me Tonight
Rating: PG-13. A lovers' quarrel goes bad. Very bad. Warning: character death.

Works in Process

Rating: PG-13. Marriage is not all roses and sunshine, when Nagini's venom proves unexpectedly potent. Angst, angst, and more angst. Warning: Character death

Rating: PG. Chaos ensues when the Familiars at Hogwarts decide to play matchmaker. This is my answer to the "Crookshanks Connection Challenge" on WIKTT.

Future Perfect
Rating: PG-13. Fourteen-year-old Severus learns that there's a very good reason why Time-turners are restricted. Warning: Extreme AU, references to non-consensual sex.

The Varlet
Rating: PG. Hermione left the wizarding world under a cloud. She feels trapped in her life until she gets a letter from an old acquaintence.

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